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Gas Plant and Cryogenic Equipment

RegO® Cryo-Flow Products, a division of Engineered Controls International, Inc., manufactures quality equipment specifically designed for gas plant and cryogenic applications. Their extensive line of Valves and Regulators have set the standards worldwide for cryogenic and industrial gas equipment.
  RegO Cryogenic Catalog (PDF)   ECL Series Cryogenic Economizers
Cryogenic Gas Pressure Relief Valve
RG Series Cryogenic Regulators
1780 Series Heavy Duty Pressure Regulators
9452DA, 8453DA, 9454DA Short Stem Brass Valve
9560 Threaded Connection Valves and Panel Connected Valves
BK S Series Extended Bonnet Cryogenic Globe and Angle Valves
BK T Series Extended Bonnet Cryogenic Globe and Angle Valves
TCV8512S & TCV8508S-S Brass Check Valve
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