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Safety Hoses

The Smart-Hose technology is a proven hose technology designed to counteract the hazardous effect of hose rupture or failure during fluid or gaseous transfer operations. All Smart-Hose designs, utilize the unique, patented and patent pending design eliminating the potential for disaster through the use of an internal cable connected to specially designed, normally unseated valve “wedges or plungers” located on each end of the cable.

In the event of hose separation, stretching to the point of an unsafe condition or coupling-to-hose separation, the valve “wedges or plungers” are released and instantly seat stopping the flow in both directions.
  Smart Hose Applications  

Anhydrous Ammonia Transfer Hose
Cryogenic Bulk Tank & Truck Hose
Carbon Dioxide Bulk Liquid Transfer Hose
LPG Transfer Hose - UL 21