Gas Equipment Company Training Curriculum

As an added benefit to our customers, we offer on-site training.
Our sales representatives are factory trained on these products with many years of practical experience.
Contact your sales representative or closest branch location for more details.

RegO Training

GEC offers various RegO curricula ranging from LPG Regulator Basics, Container Installation, Pipe Sizing and various valve and product training to their newest offering, Introduction to Anhydrous Ammonia (NH3) Equipment. All these classes are designed in a PowerPoint format to effectively explain the design, installation, operation, and repair of RegO products. The scope of these programs is specifically targeted towards current and new LP-Gas industry employees and technicians to gain valuable knowledge of RegO valves used in propane service.



Training programs provided by Gas Equipment Company, Inc. are intended to further the knowledge of
trained LP Gas industry personnel, and should not be construed to replace manufacturer instructions.

Installation, usage, and maintenance of all products must be in compliance with all manufacturer instructions as well
requirements and provisions of NFPA #54, NFPA #58, DOT, ANSI, and all applicable federal, state, provincial
and local standards, codes, regulations, and laws.

Inspection and maintenance on a periodic basis is essential. Installation and maintenance should be performed
only by qualified personnel. Be sure all instructions are read and understood before installation, operation, and service.